About Absolute Outdoor

Absolute Outdoor, Inc. specializes in bringing market leading innovation to the sporting goods, outdoor, and marine markets. Located in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, the sales and marketing company became officially established in January, 2009 and offers the FULL THROTTLE water sports and ONYX outdoor recreation brands for today's active lifestyles.

FULL THROTTLE is a premium brand that targets avid water sports enthusiasts of all ages and fuels their passion for water recreation activities. The brand offers new technology, innovation, and adventure to provide a great on-water experience for the recreational enthusiast and augments their active lifestyles.

ONYX, the brand that offers top quality products to the outdoor recreation market which are unique and innovative and add to people's enjoyment in, on, or around the water. Onyx products will enhance zest for outdoor and leisure living and will allow people of all ages to enjoy and spend more time in the outdoors.

Absolute Outdoor is affiliated with Kent Sporting Goods Company, Inc., a New London, Ohio based company specializing in a multi-brand portfolio of water sports and marine products. Other popular brands under the Kent umbrella include Connelly, HO Sports, O'Brien, and Liquid Force – all offering high-end recreational water sports products.

Absolute Outdoor is committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable, and user-friendly products. At all levels of the company, Absolute Outdoor promotes responsibility and concern for the safety of our customers, employees, and the general public. Safety, quality, and reliability are critical performance measures for all Absolute Outdoor products.

It is our responsibility to understand the issues involving safety associated with our products, and to continually improve safety by:

  • Maintaining product design criteria and quality controls.
  • Engaging with consumers, dealers, manufacturers, professional athletes, and industry organizations.
  • Staying current with new regulations, industry-best practices, and marketplace conditions.
  • Understanding operating hazards for all of a product's intended and foreseeable uses.


Absolute Outdoor's goal is to make each product safe for its intended purpose when properly used, while maintaining the product's quality and integrity.



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Product Registration

Online product registration for Onyx and Full Throttle is currently not available. Please complete the registration form supplied with your product at the time of purchase and return to Absolute Outdoor via Postage Paid mail.