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Full Throttle Water Sports Logo

FULL THROTTLE - Get in our gear!

Full Throttle is a premium brand of water recreation products, featuring water sports flotation jackets, towable tubes, wakeboards, kneeboards, wetsuits, gloves, and rope, designed for today’s active water sports enthusiast. Look for the FULL THROTTLE brand at your nearest sporting goods stores. Whether boating, waterskiing, tubing, swimming, wakeboarding, or kneeboarding, these cutting edge, adventurous, adrenaline-pumping products will give you the action you seek on the water.

The FULL THROTTLE brand is marketed under the Absolute Outdoor corporate company, located in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and is affiliated with Kent Sporting Goods, New London, Ohio. Other branded companies under the Kent corporation are Connelly, HO Sports, O’Brien, Liquid Force, all offering high-end recreational water sports products.

FULL THROTTLE products are designed for the beginning to semi-avid enthusiast of all ages seeking a new, innovative brand to enhance their active lifestyles.



Onyx Outdoor Gear Products Logo

ONYX - Keeping you there.

Onyx outdoor recreation products provide reliable, dependable, and trustworthy gear you are looking for to keep you outdoors longer and will allow you to experience nature on your terms.

Onyx products are comprised of a complete line of EVA, PVC, and Nylon rainwear, inflatable PFDs, fishing & hunting life jackets and accessories. COMING SOON... our innovative, state-of-the-art paddling vests!!!

Explore the outdoors in a new way with our exciting line up of new products sure to enhance your fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, camping, or any other memorable outdoor experience.  Our products will make a good experience great…and wherever you’re going, we’ll be keeping you there.

Onyx is a newly formed brand under the Absolute Outdoor, Inc. company, located in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  Absolute Outdoor is affiliated with Kent Sporting Goods Company, based in New London, Ohio and specializes in a multi-brand portfolio of water sports and marine products.



ArcticShield Brand Logo (ao_brands_arcticshield.jpg)

ArcticShield Technology - Locks Heat In. Keeps Cold Out.

In 1999, ArcticShield launched its first product - Boot Insulators - with tremendous results. Using a heat retention technology called RE-tain, ArcticShield now offers an entire line of apparel that keeps you warm from head to toe.

ArcticShield's exclusive RE-tain technology utilizes a multi-layered thermal barrier that captures and returns up to 97 percent of your body heat. This method is more effective than thick traditional insulations that only slow body heat loss. This cold-weather clothing is innovatively thin and unbelievably warm.

Various ArcticShield lines also include technologies for water proofing, wind proofing, odor control, moisture permeability and maximum comfort. Whatever your outdoor wear needs are, ArcticShield keeps you warm - and more!

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X-System Logo (ao_brands_x_system.jpg)

X-System Technology - Odor Control Apparel

Hunters strenuously avoid odors that are not naturally found outdoors-especially body odor. X-System apparel debuted in 2004 at industry trade shows, and the clothing's anti-odor technology amazed attendees.

X-System's anti-odor nanotechnology is the result of more than 10 years of university research. Nano-silver fibers - which eliminate more than 250 types of microbes and the odors they cause - are integrated into each garments' fabric. So X-System products resist body odor throughout the life of the garment. It won't wash out and it never has to be regenerated or reactivated like other anti-odor technologies.

X-System clothing is also highly breathable and keeps your skin clean and healthy, due to reductions of bacteria growth. The U.S. Military men and women who wear X-System socks and thermals every day can vouch for its anti-odor abilities.

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